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Heavy Equipments

How Reliable is the Howo Truck?

  • March 29, 2023

Howo trucks are generally considered reliable and have a good reputation in the industry. However, like any other vehicle, their reliability can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, usage, and operating conditions. It’s important to research and evaluate specific…

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Howo Truck Business partners

  • March 29, 2023

Howo truck has several partners, including Cummins, ZF, and WABCO, among others. Here are some additional points to consider regarding Howo’s partnerships: Overall, these partnerships demonstrate Howo’s commitment to producing high-quality trucks that are both reliable and safe. By working…

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Howo Truck Assembly Line

  • March 29, 2023

HOWO dump truck units are some of the most reliable heavy-duty vehicles to come out of China. The truck’s manufacturer Sinotruk brought China’s first home-grown heavy-duty truck. By looking into it, we can learn a lot about the state of…

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History of the Howo Truck

  • March 24, 2023

Founded in 1956, Howo Truck is a Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturer that produces a wide range of vehicles including dump trucks, tractors, cargo trucks, and special trucks. Howo Truck is a subsidiary of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.…

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